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ESGR RADIO PROGRAMS                 

Hosted by Mike Kakuska & Harv Twite

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 It is with great pride that we are now offering you a chance
to salute and support our National Guard and Reserve, with
"ESGR Radio - New Mexico."

 This program will take a wide look at the "Employer Support
of the Guard and Reserve," the businesses that employ our
service men and women, and the volunteers that help all sides
in navigating the issues surrounding employment and regulations.

 Most of all, ESGR Radio - NM will feature our local people that
are making a difference in our communities. We will be talking
to recruiters on offering our young people money for college,
a sense of purpose, and trade that they can always be proud of.

 We will also be talking to those who volunteer their time to help
our Guard and Reserve on a local basis. 

 For more info on ESGR: Click Here

ESGR Radio - New Mexico

Show Number         Date                                                   
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ESGR Radio #001    4/6/2017  "The Debut" Mike Kakuska & Harv Twite
                              Guests:Jim Cassidy-NMVS Outreach Coordinator,
                              and Cynthia Estrada, ESGR Employment Coord.

ESGR Radio #002    4/13/2017  Brigadier General Andrew E. Salas

ESGR Show  #003    4/20/2017  Maj. Randall Bates, Sgt. Alex Avila

ESGR Show  #004    4/27/2017  Ruidoso Chief Darren Hooker, Cynthia Estrada

ESGR Show  #005    5/4/2017   Harvey - ESGR News, Sgt. Colt McInnes,
                              Master Sgt. Harold Baker - NMANG Recruiter 

ESGR Show #006     5/11/2017  Mike - Harvey, Guest: Shippen Salas
                              Director - Ski Apache Ski Adaptive
                             Disabled Skier Program - Grant for Vets

ESGR Show #007     5/18/2017  Mike & Harvey cover the news. Mike is on
                              assignment in Sante Fe,where New Mexico
                              ESGR volunteers from Santa Fe and other
                              places were honored during the Annual
                              Planning Meeting in Santa Fe.
                              Guests: NM State Chairman Ray Battaglia,
                              Clovis ESGR members John Montano and
                              Raymond Mondragon.

ESGR Show #008    5/25/17     RE-broadcast of our time with
                              Gen. Andrew Salas

ESGR Show #009              6/1/2017         Mike & Harvey cover the news and meeting updates.
     Guest: Col. Bill Hanson, USAF Retired, ESGR Ombudsman

  (L-R) Mike Kakuska and Bill Hanson


ESGR Show #010    6/8-17    Guest: Sgt. Iris Ruiz, NM Army National
   Guard - Las Cruces. We discuss the
   importance of an education and job skills
   for our young people.  More



ESGR Show #011    6/15/17  Guest: Ernie Rodriguez - ESGR New Mexico
                           ERNIE RODRIQUEZ - Volunteer Support Technician
                           600 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque NM 87123
                           505-474-7118     Hear It     More


ESGR Show #012   06/22/17  Guest: Charlie Cragin - Hear the Interview
Capt. Charie Cragin, USN, Ret.
Charlie Cragin was a Senior Government Affairs Counselor for Maine Street Solutions, LLC. He provides strategic government and public affairs planning and execution advice to companies operating in the government sectors at the federal and state levels.

Prior to joining Maine Street Solutions, LLC, Mr. Cragin served as Senior Vice President for National Intelligence, Security and Response at System Planning Corporation (SPC) of Arlington, Virginia. In that capacity he had overall responsibility for the development and operation of SPC’s homeland security business. His organization provided technical, analytical and administrative services to federal, state, and local agencies in various aspects of homeland security including continuity of operations planning; technical seminars on explosive ordnance disposal techniques and equipment; emergency preparedness planning and exercises; data collection; analysis and evaluation of public safety organizations; and after-action review of major homeland security incidents.

In May, 2008 the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs appointed Mr. Cragin as Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans. The committee provided advice to the Secretary on health care and benefits issues confronting veterans who served in the Southwest Asia theater of operations during the 1990-1991 period of the Gulf War. The committee submitted its final report to the Secretary in September 2009.

















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